Our Team

We have assembled a world-class solutions team that, among them, have an outstanding range of expertise and talent. We go above and beyond our competitors, not only in our core business, but also in our range of auxiliary services, including Operational Change Management, Business Analysis, Project Management and Business Case Development. This is just a small sample of what our team has to offer.

Greg McCollum

I am Greg McCollum, Partner with Seeit Solutions and I live in Arlington Heights, IL (25 miles northwest of Chicago). I grew up in Arlington Heights and attended the University of Illinois, earning a degree in Electrical Engineering. I played baseball for the Boston Red Sox before starting in the IT manufacturing space in 1990 and have now 23+ years’ experience.

My hobbies include watching after my 19, 17, and 15 year old kids and having a personal trainer who kills me two to three times per week when in town. My favorite sports team is the Chicago Cubs followed closely by the Boston Red Sox.


Katie (Wilson) Aulenta
I am Katie (Wilson) Aulenta, SAP MII Account Executive at SeeIt Solutions and I live in Arlington Heights, IL (Just like Greg, above).  I graduated from Quincy University and received my B.A. in two concentrations: Public Relations and Music Performance. Since then, I've worked in areas of strategic partnerships and coordinating communication plans for organizations like BidPal and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 
My hobbies include spending time with my family and volunteering.



I was born in Kansas City and now live in the St. Louis area. I graduated from the (former) University of Missouri – Rolla with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. I have been in manufacturing and IT ever since graduating (20+ years). I am currently the Director of Services for Seeit Solutions and lead our execution and implementation teams.
I love the beach and warm weather (makes sense I live in St. Louis…right?). My favorite teams are the St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs (so bad!) and St. Louis Blues.


I have more than ten years of manufacturing experience.  My expertise spans a broad spectrum of manufacturing disciplines including Project Management, Business Analyst, Process Improvement, Organizational Change Management, Enterprise Change Management and TPM. 

My most notable experiences Include influencing enterprise wide process improvement and cultural change at both Milliken & Company (the American leaders of Total Productive Maintenance) and PepsiCo, while leading an award-winning, enterprise-wide systems rollout. Additionally, I hold a Masters in Strategic Management.


During my adult working experience, I have always worked as a people influencer. I am blessed by enjoying many work experiences over the years in diverse environments, applications, groups of people and in multiple business and manufacturing processes. I often draw on these tremendous experiences when working with a client in a new situation to identify and solve their business needs.


After 10 years as a minister, during which I was able to serve my semi-rural community as a volunteer firefighter and paramedic, (and later as a full-time paramedic) I started my formal career in industrial IT as a documentation specialist for ancillary hardware and software products for the Sperry/Unisys mainframe market. Following roles as manager and senior project manager for several software startups and some Department of Defense contracting, I have spent the last 15 years working as a consultant, senior project manager, account manager and business unit manager in supporting the information management needs of the manufacturing industry (principally process industries). My certifications as a PMP, Six Sigma Green Belt and most recently the Certificate of Competency in MES/MOM by MESA International are a few of the professional accomplishments along the way.

My wife of 35 years and I enjoy the company of our 10 children (5 of which married into the family) and our 11 grandchildren, while we joyously await the birth of twin grandchildren in the summer of 2013..


I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and I grew up not far away in Martinsville, Indiana.   I attended Purdue University, where I earned a BS in Materials Science Engineering.  I started out as a metallurgical process engineer for Rolls Royce PLC making medium and small gas turbine engines.  In my next position, at Rea Magnet wire, I held the dual role as metallurgical process engineer and manufacturing engineer where I began my work with SCADA HMI’s.  I’ve been in IT/ Programming since 1998 and became a part of Industrial Network Systems in 2001 specializing in SCADA / HMI, SQL, Historians, and plant intelligence. I initially trained in Lighthammer Illuminator (now SAP MII) in the fall of 2001.  I am part of the original Seeit Solutions core team. 

My hobbies include road cycling, mountain biking and photography.   Growing up in Indy, I’m a big fan several forms of racing and the Colts.